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goodbye 2020

Indulge me reader and let me go more in depth about what Stan and I do for a living.   Stan has been an ER nurse for 13 years and myself an ER Nurse turned Nurse Practitioner (if you don’t know what this is please go ahead google ) for the past 11. You can imagine the chaos of the Emergency Department , patients with varieties of complaints, personalities, never ending consumption of your brain, physical being and constant juggling of who/what is most important in the hierarchy of what fire you put out first. You start a task and get interrupted 4 x in 30 minutes but hey that’s what makes

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Life married to a board game designer

Some of you may know him personally, some of you may not. I met Stan in the summer of 2012. He and I both work in Emergency Departments in Milwaukee, WI. We met at work briefly (we do different jobs) and later he showed to a group outing and since then he never, I mean never, left my side.   A couple of things struck me about first meeting Stan. First of all his accent. He’s a Russian immigrant, came over at age 18, but super fluent in English. I was instantly amazed by his brain power to have mastered 2 languages while I always tried to keep

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