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New Games

I have designed games for a number of companies including Thunderworks, Alley Cat Games, Piece Keeper Games, TMG, Hobby World, Fantasia, OOMM Games, Daily Magic and 25th Century Games.

I would love to do business with your publishing company. The designs you see here are not yet licensed by anyone. Although these games are complete with rulebook and functional prototype, I’m always open to discussing making changes including additional content or re-theming.

If you have an idea for a game already and need someone to create a design based on your vision, please check out my Commissioned Design services information.

New Odessa Files

New Odessa Files is a medium complexity, thematic and competitive adventure-euro hybrid game. It has a “modern crime” theme inspired by such games as GTA, Mafia and Saints Row.  The game is for 2-4 players, play time is approximately 25 min per player. This game combines multi use cards, engine building, player interaction and map exploration elements. New Odessa comes with several modules that can be used together or separately in many combinations to provide varied experiences from game to game.

This game has a rule book, a physical prototype and a digital prototype on Tabletopia ready for review. 

Tulip Fever

Tulip fever is a light, family style game for 2-4 players with approximately 20 minute total play time. This game features simultaneous play, light player interaction, and tableau building. As dutch tulip growers, players compete  to plant groups of tulips in order to gain the most coins when the end of the game triggers. The coins earned are based on a deck of Tulip Festival cards which are drawn at random at the start of the game and provide a large number of possible scoring combinations. 

This game has a rule book, a physical prototype and a digital prototype on Tabletop Simulator ready for review.


Ironclads is a cooperative, campaign style board game for 1-4 players. This game combines some unique mechanics which make it deep and infinitely replayable and yet accessible and light on “book keeping”.  It features branching paths, customization, leveling up and narrative elements. Ironclads universe exists an alternate history timeline, where humanity is facing a catastrophic threat from the mysterious ocean dwelling monsters. In order to fight them, giant battleships, submarines and zeppelins were built by the world community. Players will be commanding these ships and battling a wide variety of foes. The campaign includes many different scenarios, each of which has a unique map, setup and win conditions. Each scenario may last between 30 and 90 minutes. As players explore this game, they will be able to upgrade their ships, choose different paths and discover many exciting secrets.

This game has a rule book, and a physical prototype ready for review.

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