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Game Development Services

For Publishers

For publishers I offer two main services: Game Development and Commissioned Design. I also offer specialty consultation and assistance to free lance designers.


  • Refining your existing design by identifying and correcting problem areas in gameplay, rules and UI elements.
  • Adding modules or expanding your existing design with new content.
  • Re-theming your game including art and UI direction.

My approach to game development is to Respect, Preserve and Bolster.

I will Respect all the hard work that you’ve put into your game. I do this by thoroughly listening to your needs and understanding the project before I start forming my opinions or ideas.

I will strive to Preserve as much of your vision and your game as possible. I will not rush to make any changes or additions to your game until after we discuss them and agree that it is the best direction for your game.

I will seek all the special elements that make your game unique and fun and Bolster them. I do this by making them more visible, accessible, streamlined and engaging.

Commissioned Design:

If you have an IP or just a great idea for a board game I will create, play-test and assemble a game prototype based on your vision and requirements. I specialize in competitive light- to mid-weight board games. I’ve created games with a variety of themes (fantasy, historic, sci-fi, healthcare) and I would love a challenge of creating something new for you!

Free Lance Designer Services

If you are a game designer such as myself and you are looking for help with your game finding a publisher I’d like to help you.

  • Design evaluation and play testing
  • Rulebook creation and editing
  • Physical and digital prototype creation
  • Help with pitching and marketing your game
  • Contract and licensing assistance

Whether you are looking for a bit of assistance with your existing game or a whole new design, I’m here to help you. Contact me today for your free initial consultation and a quote.

Looking for Board Game Design or Development?

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